Way to Work workshop pre-thoughts

I am heading to the Way to Work Workshop tomorrow at Basecamp in Chicago. I hope to glean valuable chunks of knowledge to bring back to my team and implement in practical ways.

Shawn Blanc has some nice tidbits in his summary of the workshop:

  • Time is the single most valuable resource of the company. And pretty much every single Basecamp employee has their entire day free to work on the one project at hand. Literally everything they do at Basecamp is about safeguarding everyone’s time. Nobody’s time at Basecamp is more or less important than anyone else’s.
  • ...there is an “epidemic of collaboration” amongst corporate spaces.
  • Try to remove as many dependencies as possible so there are no bottlenecks forcing people to wait to get work done until they finally hear back from someone else.
  • Basecamp has found that written communication skills are critical. Because with strong writing skills, it means you have employees who also have the ability to think critically and communicate their ideas.
  • There is no backlog of work at Basecamp. Every 6-week work cycle is a new cycle and there is no “plan” or “map” of what they’ll do next. There is only the project at hand.