Surf Hacks

Us surfers are crafty and we love our hacks. Here are some of my favorites.

The Wetsuit Shower Hook

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Ever needed to hang your wetsuit in you shower but couldn't find a place for it? Grab one of these little guys and hang it wherever you please.

The Wetsuit Hanger

Instead of paying $5 for a proper wetsuit hanger, I just take 3 old hangers and little electrical page and fashion a hanger which is strong enough for a wetsuit.

The Key Fob Combo Lock

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My Sprinter van key fob is chock full of electronics, so tucking it away in my wetsuit while I surf is not an option. I attach this combo box to my door handle with my key inside while I surf. Simple.

The Surfboard Rack

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This little lumber rack serves as a great way to tidy your boards. Slide some PVC pipe padded with some pipe insulation rover the rungs to add a little extra room for your board.