Life pro tips

One of my favorite subreddits, LifeProTips, got me thinking that I might be able to contribute some of my own.

Here are just a few that bubbled to the top of my head that work for me:

  • K2R works wonders to remove grease spots from clothes.
  • If you pay for laundry in quarters, get $100 worth at a time from the bank.
    • 1 load/wk. * ($1.50 wash + $ 1.25 dry)
    • $2.75 * 52 wks. = $143 per year
  • Keep your Amazon app handy and buy things the moment you think of them, and don't let them take up mental space. Especially useful when in the kitchen.
  • Can’t download something too big over data on your phone because you see the “100MB” limit? Tether to a friends device and trick your phone into thinking you’re on wifi.
  • Turn an old stereo into a wireless one using a cheap bluetooth receiver like this one.
  • Make a room feel instantly clean by dusting the largest surface. This will partially trick your brain into thinking the whole room is clean.
  • Surf or hike and don't want to lug your keys around? Get a lock box, put your key inside, and attach it to the door handle of your car. I recommend this one.