Lazy leadership

I read a Medium post called Lazy Leadership this weekend, and its points on delegation and building a team which operates like a machine resonated with me.

Some entrepreneurs never break through the delegation barrier and get stuck along the way. They try hiring someone, and when that person doesn’t behave exactly like they would, they jump in and take over.

Although I am not an entrepreneur, I lead a small team of developers and I like to think we operate like a small business within the company.

We have goals, accountability, consequences, deadlines, projects, etc. all baked into our humble little team.


It’s often said that the best leaders shield their team. Think pressure, politics, and drama.

While I think this notion is a false one, I often find myself caught up in it and doing it.

Whether that be rolling up my sleeves when a last minute request comes in so the team doesn’t have to. Or protecting the team from deadline talk so they don’t get stressed out. Or commandeering tough interactions and relationships on their behalf.

Do they actually want this? Maybe, maybe not. Does this mean I should shield nonetheless? No.

Building the Machine

Once I started thinking about my business like a machine, I realized that there were people out there who relished the opportunity to travel for work and thrived doing the same thing.

I can think of at least 2 things which I could hire for or delegate off of my plate to make the team more efficient:

  1. Scheduling
  2. Project Management

I wonder what others on the team are doing outside of their wheelhouse.