I'm only asking for a dollar

I came across this comment while scouring the web, and wow, it's compelling.

The comment is a reply to a post entitled [creepy filter] Is it normal to become this distracted from seeing an attractive person in public? where the OP goes into detail about how distracted they become upon seeing an attractive female. The OP is soliciting feedback on how to alter their behavior.

The commenter equates low-grade sexual harassment (what the OP is doing) with being asked for a dollar each day by a subset of all individuals. Regardless of who is and who isn't asking for the dollar, it's natural to treat everyone as if they want a dollar.

An excerpt from the comment:

A substantial portion of the population believes that they have a right to a woman's attention, and if they don't get it, they get offended, mean, and sometimes even violent. You're just one of many, many men who believe that any woman you like owes you something. It's exhausting and sometimes terrifying to be on the receiving end of that.