I often consider the concept of a "career" and think about how harmful it is. I know the term has various meanings, but I often find it defined as "the running list of all job titles one has held over their working life". This usage seems to be a more modern one.

A societal construct of the 20th and 21st centuries, career as we know it today can cause good people to act in odd, harmful ways.

We are conditioned to desire a "career trajectory" that trends upward. Accountant to Manager, Manager to Director, Director to Sr. Director, Sr. Director to VP. Why does it matter? We even have a name for this ladder. The Career Ladder.

What happens to our career when we grow old and pass? Is it etched into our gravestone or recited in our eulogy? Nope. It's ripped up and forgotten. What is remembered and talked about? What you did. What you made. Who you helped. How you lived a life of humility and servitude.

If a move down the career ladder means a happier, fuller life, I hope we'd all make the right move.