I write code and lead teams of developers.

Currently I spend my days building world-class e-commerce experiences amongst the best in the biz at Dollar Shave Club.

I love writing code – Node, Javascript, Ember, Vue, etc. I also love thinking about how teams of software engineers can do their jobs more efficiently. In fact, I currently lead the front end team at Dollar Shave Club where I do just that.

You can find more about me on the Twitters or the Githubs. You can also read some of my posts if you'd like.

I adhere to the 80/20 principle. I listen to a lot of podcasts. I've read a fair amount of books (here are some of my favs). I've run 3 marathons. I got my masters degree from Norway (for free). I used to own a ‘72 and an '84 VW Bus, but now I am riding in my '14 Mercedes Sprinter. Fancy, I know. I currently reside in Ventura, CA.

Oh, and this whole blog was written with Gustavo – a blog platform atop Github Gists and Nuxt.


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