Pep, a lightweight jQuery plugin for mobile & desktop

– 05/21/12

At Geni I’ve been working on an HTML5 replacement for our current Flash-based tree.

One of the requirements is that it would work on both touch screen devices as well as desktop devices. That means, yes, it needed to support both click and touch events.

I surveyed the landscape, and didn’t find any plugins that did exactly what I needed. Some were using jQuery UI along with Touch Punch. This had weird issues when the object being drug was scaled/zoomed. Long story short, I needed to build out my own solution.

I built jquery.pep.js, which not only works on touch devices, it’s kinetic (things ease nicely into place).

Small Pep Example

Check out the official demos here or follow/fork on Github.


Smashing Magazine sent some love on Twitter!

EDIT #2:

Pep has been featured on Unheap!

Edit #3:

Geoffrey Dorne has written a nice article on Pep (albeit in French). Thanks Geoffrey!

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