Pep Now works in IE6/7/8/9

– 06/08/12

By popular demand, pep now works in older versions of Internet Explorer, namely IE7 and IE8. By altering the code to watch for mouseup events on the document as opposed to the window, I was able to make Pep IE-friendly. However, we still dont have a fallback for easing.

Here’s a little more on the IE implementation of mouseup. For some reason, < IE9 doesn’t allow this:

$(window).bind('mouseup', function(){ /* doesn't fire */ });


Because the click, mousedown, mouseup, dblclick events aren’t available on the window. The IE-only issue (err…feature?) is well-documented here. Binding click, mousedown, mouseup, dblclick to the document does work, however:

$(document).bind('mouseup', function(){ /* fires! */ });

Enjoy Pep and let me know about any issues via twitter or on github.


Check out the following demo videos:

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