Google Drive + Ruby

– 08/06/13

Whenever it comes time for me to build a landing page or something similar where I am going to capture email addresses, I always survey the landscape for what’s currently out there. I am typically never happy with what I find.

There’s Wufoo, Formstack, or even Google Forms – but each of these solutions requires embedding one of their forms into your page. This means a loss of control over styling and functionality, and it also means you’ll likely end up with their branding all over your page.

I recently began building a landing page for NCM Engineering Corporation, and I devised a solution for saving email addresses straight to Google Drive. It’s called google-drive-email-saver, and it relies heavily on a Ruby gem called google-drive-ruby which is a very robust and powerful way to programmatically interact with Google Drive.

How to use

Here’s a small snippet which shows just how easy it is to write an email address to a spreadsheet in Google Drive.

require './google-drive-email-saver.rb'

# where 8675309abcdef is the spreadsheet key
g ='', 'passwd123456', '8675309abcdef') 

Once you’re done capturing email addresses, it’s incredibly easy to export all of them to a CSV file from the Google Drive interface.




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