FontPrep is now free

– 11/25/13

FontPrep is now free. Here’s why.


I am currently not happy with the amount of time I am able to spend working on FontPrep, improving it for our customers. Bugs are not being fixed in as timely a manner as our customers deserve.

I have elaborate plans to integrate per-font settings, more granular options, implement project groups, and increase the overall speed of FontPrep drastically. I have a working prototype written in RubyMotion, but it still needs a lot of time and effort to get it to a production-ready state, and I don’t have the means of getting it there.

Furthermore, the other half of our team and my partner in crime, Matthew (who is also my brother), is away getting his degree, and subsequently has little to no time to work on FontPrep. Bummer.

The current state of webfont conversion

While we still don’t feel that there’s a good drag-and-drop solution for webfont conversion other than FontPrep, command line and online tools continue to advance. Many are using options such as Grunt Webfont to automate the process or FontSquirrel’s Webfont Generator to convert one-off webfont packs.

There’s also Glifo, which looks really cool.

What’s next?

If FontPrep has become part of your workflow, no worries, it will continue to work. I’ll do my best to keep up on bug reports, but no further improvements will be made to FontPrep as it currently stands. FontPrep may eventually be open-sourced, but the jury is still out.

If you purchased FontPrep within the past month (today is Nov. 25, 2013) and would like a refund, get in touch and we’ll issue you one.

Thank you.

Lastly, a huge thank you to those who have supported FontPrep and us over the years. You rock.